Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep!

I've realized recently that the stress in my daily life is really affecting my ability to sleep deeply. And anyone who has experienced Sleep Deprived Bethany knows to steer clear of her!
So, in an effort to improve my sleep habits, I have adopted a nightly (or most nights) "get ready for bed" ritual.
Now, my previous "get ready for bed" ritual was pretty straightforward: 
1. Lie in bed for hours watching You Tube videos
2. Groggily eye clock and realize it's time to remove makeup
3. Take out face wipe from bedside table and remove makeup
4. Slather on closest moisturizer and eye cream
5. Read a few pages from latest book
6. Fall asleep reading said book
7. Wake up a little while later completely unable to fall back to sleep!
8. Eventually fall into fitful sleep, only to awake the following morning even more tired!

It seems like it would be a fail safe routine, but alas, it is not! Apparently, it is wise to prepare your body and mind for sleep. Who knew???

Here's what I've been trying lately, and I am already enjoying more positive results!

1. Light candles in bedroom
My favorite candle right now is Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works
2. Take a long, hot, shower or bath (also with candles)
3. Slather on body cream
 (always a good option: Calm to Your Senses)
4. Slather on moisturizer and eye cream
(Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre & Nuance Anti-Aging Eye Cream)
5. Dress in PJ's and proceed to bedroom to practice a 30 minute yoga session
Love this candle too! Calming Lavender Vanilla

This is a great yoga DVD for beginners! Element: Hatha & Flow
6. Feel delightfully drowsy
7. Read a few pages from latest book
8. Fall into blissful slumber
9. Wake refreshed!
(Sometimes, I might also have some hot tea while reading)
I'm not a big fan of chamomile, so this one does the trick for me! Numi Pu-erh Chocolate Tea

And on that note, I'm feeling very sleeeepy!
 Namaste, peaceful dreams, and goodnight!

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