Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Owl

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time, The Owl, an amazingly inventive dining experience (because the word restaurant just doesn't begin to describe it!).
If you're a foodie and in the mood to try something different with a twist, The Owl is for you! The staff was friendly and helpful while the food was an artfully displayed treat for the senses. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about our evening there and I can't wait to try it out again soon! I'll just be quiet now and let the pictures be the review!

My Sea Foam Margarita
Sea Foam Margarita Description
Our Menu
Menu Take II
Pulled Pork: peach, verjus, chili, cabbage slaw, toast
Pulled Pork Take II
Pea Soup: preserved lemon, popcorn, mint yogurt - chilled
Cheese: fresh ricotta, beans, basil, honey, crostini
Curry: pork, coconut vanilla foam, pineapple, basil gel
Belly: citrus glaze, green bean, black garlic, golden raisin
Door to the Ladies Room!
Inside the ladies b/r was the tiniest mirror with the caption above "Girl, you look GREAT!"
Panna Cotta


Susie Woodard said...

Hahaha! "girl, you look GREAT!" I love it. Wish we could have a girls night out there!

beezeglo said...

Thanks for commenting, Suse! I'm not sure if The Owl wrote that caption on the wall or if a guest did, but either way it was cute and made me laugh!